Thursday, January 17, 2019

Reading PM Benchmarks

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Today your child will be coming home with their reading PM benchmark levels. They are stapled into their agenda's. Please take the time to look them over. They are a good indication of your child's reading level. I have included next steps for areas they should practice, if necessary. Please sign and return it to school in the agenda. I will take a look at it and then you wil be able to keep the copy.
Thanks so much!!

Some pics of the week!

Working on our Christmas toy survey. The grade 2's completed a survey and tally chart on their favourite Christmas toy. Next, they will graph their findings.

In Science, the students are working on their Solid and Liquid collages.

Monday, January 7, 2019

Please note change of time in our New Year Mass and a Note from Father Scott

New Years Mass

Please join us for the New Year’s Mass on 
Wednesday, January 16th at 1:30 pm 
in the school gym. Everyone is welcome!

Note from Father Scott

All candidates and families of "first Eucharist" are required to attend the Rite of Enrolment Sunday Jan. 13; at Saturday mass at 4;30 or Sunday mass at 10;30.  Note this will be last Sunday to register for this Easter Sacrament.  Our first session is scheduled for  Jan. 16; at 6;30 pm.  featuring Klara Kinahan as facilitator for program "Come to the Table".   All those registered are required to attend.  

Wednesday, January 2, 2019

Happy New Year!

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Hello parents!!

Welcome back to our first week back in 2019. I hope that all of you had a restful and enjoyable holiday.

A look ahead into January:

In Math, we are going to be starting on our Data Management Unit. The students will be expected to interpret graphs. We will be looking at various graphs (e.g., pictograph, bar graph). Next, we will collect, organize and record data by constructing graphs. Please continue to encourage your children to use  the IXL math and program to help practice these skills. 

In Language, we will begin to work on procedural writing. This week, we will complete a class example of procedural writing on 'How we prepare for School". The students will then proceed to work on a shared writing. They will help 'Cookie Monster' make an egg salad sandwich. 

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Here is an anchor chart to assist the students with writing:

Procedural Writing

(Success Criteria)

What do you require for procedural writing?

  • a good title that tells what the procedure is for
  • opening sentence that explains the purpose of your writing
  • a list of materials, equipment or ingredients needed to complete the task
  • use linking words (first, then, next, after, finally or lastly)
  • you could use headings for parts of the procedure
  • diagrams, labels, photographs
  • written in the right order (in sequence)
  • instructions are clear
  • closing sentence

In Science, we will begin our unit on Property of Liquids and Solids.   The grade 2's will understand and investigate the properties of  liquids and solids. In addition, they will assess ways in which the uses of liquids and solids can have an impact on society and the environment.  We will be in need of some magazines and flyers early on in this unit. If you have any available, please send them in with your child by the end of the week. 

In Religion, we will discuss first communion in further details and start on our first communion booklets. A reminder that our New Years Mass celebration will take place on Wednesday, January 16, 2019 at 10:15a.m.  

In Family Life,  are exploring the pleasures and challenges of friendship and learning to appreciate that all people need friends in their lives. 

In Physical-Education, the students will be participating in badminton. They will learn some simple rules and skills for this activity. We will also continue  playing various indoor games and activities. 

Feel free to contact me at any time at school or send me a note in your child's agenda if the need arises. Thank you for your continued support.

Rosetta Vena :0)

Thursday, December 20, 2018